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My electrolysis device is the newest on the market designed to reduce pain , maximizing hair removal efficiency. This device destroys the growth center of the hair with either chemical or heat energy.  A very fine probe is inserted into the hair follicle, energy applied, the dead hair is removed with tweezers. The worked on area is then soothed and treatment applied.   

Hair growth cycles play a major role is your hair removal treatment regimen. Excessive hair growth can be caused by a variety of factors including heredity, stress, medication, and hormonal changes. For women, puberty, pregnancy and menopause play important rolls in determining hair growth. 

Researchers estimated there can be up to 2,500 hair follicles per square inch but less than 100 hairs will actually be visible at any given time. For these reasons, it is extremely difficult during treatment to predict the exact length of time required before there is no further growth in the treatment area. 

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Electrolysis is FDA approved

This is a permanent hair removal. All types of hair colors of hair may be permanently removed.  

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